2 Hole Nesting Box


Product Overview

2 Hole Nesting Box

The Harris Farms Chicken Nesting Box is an easy to assemble, 2 hole nest with front and back partitions which is ideal for smaller or specially configured pens. Made from zinc -galvanized iron sheets with folded edges to prevent injury and ventilation holes for fresh air flow. Removable, metal bottom inserts for easy cleaning. Perches are hinged to allow closing.

Hens have the instinct to lay their eggs in a safe place. Ensure that your nest boxes are in a dark, quiet corner of the coop with nice and fluffy straw or shavings to encourage laying.

One box for every 4 to 5 hens is the minimum for your hens to feel comfortable.

Dimensions: 24-3/8"W x 22-13/16"H x 20"D


  • Brand: Harris Farms
  • Type: Housing
  • Dimensions: 24-3/8"W x 22-13/16"H x 20"D