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Why We Recommend Heat Lamps For New Chicks

Some topics of conversation just don’t seem controversial until you end up smack dab in the middle of them. This is one of those topics. While everyone agrees that chicks need supplemental heat, it seems like opinions are strongly divided about how to apply the heat and for how long. Let’s begin this conversation by […]

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Relieving Heat Stress For Your Flock

Summer – it may take a while to arrive sometimes, but once those high temperatures set in, there’s no doubt that summertime is the right time to be more diligent about preventing or relieving heat stress for your poultry. Here is a quick list of ways we can help our feathered friends in the backyard

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Quick Tips: Planning Nest Boxes

If you’ve decided to raise chickens for eggs, nesting boxes will be an important part of your coop and run planning. Here’s a quick fact list to help you set your chickens up to be successful layers! Security. Oddly, security means something slightly different to your hens than it means to you. Think back to

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What’s A Nest Box?

If you’re planning to raise chickens for egg-laying purposes, you’re eventually going to have to figure out the answer to the question, “what’s a nest box?” Notice that we said “figure out the answer” not “learn the answer.” There really isn’t one answer to this question because different chickens, and different chicken farmers, have different

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Quick Tips: Feed Types & Labels

Though they are sometimes upside-down on the bag, all commercially available farm animal feed bags have nutritional labels on them. This will help you make informed decisions about what to feed your poultry based on factors like type of poultry, their age, and your preferences for food sources. 28% Protein Medicated Turkey Chick Starter Chick

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