Crested Cream Legbar Hatching Eggs


Product Overview

From  Jill Rees/Greenfire lines. Originating in England these lovely chickens lay around 230 charming light blue (sometimes light green) eggs per year. Hens do not tend to go broody. Single comb. This is an auto sexing breed.

Roosters: 7.5 lbs

Hens: 6lbs


Hatching Eggs:

  • Due to time of year, there can be a shipping delay. This is entirely dependent on how the hens are laying. Generally, orders are shipped within two weeks of being placed.
  • Orders are shipped USPS Priority mail and customers receive notification of shipment the day they are shipped.
  • We cannot guarantee hatchability due to shipment handling beyond our control.
  • No refunds on hatching eggs, should breakage occur in transit and you receive less eggs than ordered - we will provide a one time reshipment. We take great care in packing and experience minimal shipping issues.