Easter Egger Started Pullets

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Minimum Order:
4 Started Pullets (Choose any varieties of started pullets)
Started Pullets:
5-6 Weeks Old
Mareks Vaccination ✔
Breed Standards:
*Our started pullets are bred for egg production
USPS Priority Express - Separate from Day-Old Poultry

Product Overview

Our Started Pullets are 5-6 weeks old and have already been vaccinated for Mareks. A minimum order of 4 is required. You can choose to order 4 of one breed, or you can choose to get 1 of four different breeds or any combination of 4 or more that best suits you. All pullets are shipped USPS Priority Express and must be shipped separately from day-old chicks. Started Pullets are shipped with feed and solid H20 (gro-gel) to guarantee live arrival.

Easter Eggers are the mutts of the chicken world. They have various plumage and color patterns and are known for laying eggs in a variety of colors. These can include blue, green, brown, or pink. Once a hen has laid her first egg, that is the color she will generally continue to lay. Being they can have Ameraucana/Araucana in their line, they may or may not have muffs. They are a decent producer of eggs. This chicken is sure to add some unique beauty and personality to your flock.