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We do everything we can to make the route the safest for your new additions. With the care we take, we guarantee that you will receive a full count of safe live poultry. For all orders, our Guarantee covers the cost of poultry, shipping is a service and is not refundable.

Day-Old Poultry: We put extra chicks in each box to help with any losses (unless you note otherwise). If there are losses upon arrival and you do receive fewer live birds than you ordered, we will make it right either by refunding the price of poultry (not including the price of shipping and handling) or should total loss occur, a one-time courtesy reshipment can be made for no additional fee. For partial losses, price of poultry will be refunded – we are unable to make partial reshipments.

Started Pullets: If there are losses within 24-hours of receiving your shipment, we will refund the price of poultry (not including the price of shipping and handling). We are unable to offer reshipments on Started Pullets.

To process a live arrival claim, photo of entire losses and photo of live poultry should be submitted. All claims must be submitted at once following the arrival of your shipment by clicking here.

Live Poultry: At no time will Valley Hatchery accept returns of live or deceased poultry.

Supply Orders: If an item arrives wrong or defective, we will re-ship or refund your order. If an item arrives and is not what you expected, it can be returned within seven days. We will provide you an address for you to ship it back to and we will refund you the price of the product. Returns should be requested by emailing or calling our Customer Service Department.

All Valley Hatchery stock is guaranteed to be of the grade, quality, sex and breed as represented. Should concern ever arise, we commit to making prompt correction. In the development of these chicks, our breeders have followed accepted and recommended methods of flock control and egg selection. They have achieved recognition for high standards of sanitary and disease control in the Hatchery process. We cannot guarantee poultry to be free from any disease that could not be ascertained at the time hatched. Our hatchery and all breeders associated with Valley Hatchery are NPIP certified.

Bird photos are examples of the pure breed poultry listed and may or may not be from our bloodlines. Our objective is to breed and establish lines that generate chicks that mature into comparable representations of the depicted breeds.

Blue chickens do not breed true, therefore our blue to blue matings result in around 50% blue chicks, 25% black chicks, and 25% splash chicks. We will send as many blues as possible with your order, but you should also expect some black and splash chicks.

For non-live orders i.e. supplies, you may change or cancel your order any time before it is shipped. After shipment, customers must follow the return policy.

Day-Old Order Cancellations: We must take our birds off the market once they are sold and hope to re-sell them when their hatched. With that said, day-old poultry orders must be cancelled at least 10 days prior to hatch and will result in a 10% fee or $15. Whichever is greater. We cannot accept partial cancellations; however you may add to an order by contacting our Customer Service Team. If a breed or variety needs removed from your order, you must cancel your order and re-order. Adding to an order may affect your ship date, cancelling an order and resubmitting does not guarantee the same date scheduled.

Started Pullets Cancellations: Started Pullet orders must be cancelled at least 10 days prior to shipment. There is a $10 base fee as well as a $10 fee per bird on the order.

Day-Old Poultry: We ship as few as three day-old birds! All day-old standard chicks have a minimum of three, you may order one cockerel with a clutch of pullets. Shipping minimums vary by type of day-old poultry:

Large Fowl Chickens (3) | Bantam Chickens (5) | Turkey (3) | Ducks (3) | Guinea (5) |


Started Pullets: There is no minimum of for Started Pullets to ship, you may order as few as one.

Day-Old Poultry: Estimated hatch or ship date projections are listed on each breed listing, they are updated throughout each day. When viewing you cart, the first available date for your selections will appear. At checkout, you can select this date or a later date, remember this is an estimate only. Your actual confirmed date may vary when your order is received, we will have our system confirm a date that has all the birds you chose available. We will email you your confirmed hatch date within 3 business days of your order being received. During our regular season, we hatch both Mondays & Wednesdays. We recommend always placing your orders early in the season if you prefer to raise your chicks during a specific time. We try to estimate as best as possible what our hatch will yield. In the rare circumstance a hatch yielded less than anticipated, there is a chance your order may be delayed or shorted. After boxing all shipments, we notify any customers that we will need to reschedule or that have been shorted. While this is rare, we are working with Mother Nature and it does occur. In the case of a shorted order, you will be refunded for the poultry price.

Started Pullets: Started Pullets ship on Tuesdays & generally ship within 2 weeks of orders being placed. A confirmed ship date will be emailed within 2-3 days of your order being placed.

We offer a 90% sexing accuracy guarantee on most breeds. Some breeds are harder to sex, their accuracy percentage guarantee is noted on their product page. After all, sexing is an art that requires magnifying glasses. Our 90% policy means, if you order 100 pullets – you will receive at least 90 pullets. If we make an error, we will make it right for anything more than the allowed 10%. We will credit or refund you the female price less the male price. Claims must be submitted by emailing

Day-Old Poultry: Since 1918, the USPS has been shipping live poultry via Priority Mail! When birds are hatched, they absorb their yolk sac for nutrition. They have plenty of nutrients to make their journey to you. We bring your babies to the post office the morning they are hatched and they begin their flight to you. Your Post Office will call you when the arrive for pickup or arranging delivery. We suggest picking your babies up!

Started Pullets: Started Pullets are shipped USPS Priority Mail. Orders are carefully boxed for safe arrival, and are shipped with a small amount of fresh produce to provide nutrients and hydration on their route to you. Note: Started Pullets cannot be shipped with day-old poultry, their ship dates vary from hatch dates.

Supplies and Decor: For non-live shipments, we use the most economical as well as quickest way to you.

Supplies & Décor: Calculated at checkout based on items purchased.

Day-Old Poultry: A $25 shipping fee is charged plus $0.30 per day-old bird purchased.
Note: Smaller orders of day-old poultry require additional handling, heat packs and care therefore a $25 Small Order Fee is charged for orders with fewer than 15 birds. To avoid this fee, add 15 or more birds to your cart.

Started Pullets: Started Pullets shipping cost is calculated at checkout depending on where they are being routed to.

We ship to the Contiguous United States. We cannot ship outside of the United States or to Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico.

We are headquartered in Ohio. We ship day-old poultry both from our Ohio and Missouri facilities. We ship from our regional post offices direct to you. Started Pullets are shipped directly from a family farm we are partnered with located in the beautiful State of Montana.

It is our responsibility to supply you with healthy stock! It is your responsibility to prepare for live birds and check zoning regulations prior to shipment. We require any customer purchasing live poultry to review our care instructions found here

At no time can Valley Hatchery’s guarantee exceed original purchase price.

Data errors can occur, website is not guaranteed to be free of errors. Descriptions may include errors from importing. Pricing errors can occur like any business. Pricing errors cannot be honored and customers will be asked to pay the difference less a ten percent discount.

We do not guarantee availability projections to be correct. Availability changes drastically by the moment. Projections are listed, we are working with Mother Nature. When your order is placed, we verify our counts and email you a confirmed ship date within 3 business days. We reserve the right to reschedule your order as there are no guarantees a hatch will produce what we have projected. We DO guarantee excellent communication and customer service, we appreciate flexibility as we are working with live animals.

If Valley Hatchery LLC did not collect sales tax from you at the time of purchase, this does not mean your purchase is tax-free. Purchasers in your state are almost certainly required to record and pay tax on all non-taxed purchases. You can declare and pay the tax on your individual income tax return or on a consumer use tax return. Please visit the website of your local government’s department of revenue for more information.

While Valley Hatchery can provide advice on care, our team cannot provide the sole source of information on veterinary topics. Advice from our team is for general information purposes only and is not intended to be the sole alternative to expert advice on any subject. Talk to your local veterinarian for diagnostic and treatment advice.

By placing an order with Valley Hatchery LLC you understand all policies and agree to them.

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