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Live Arrival Guarantee

We do everything we can to make the route the safest for your new additions. With the care we take, we guarantee that you will receive a full count of safe live poultry. We also will usually put extra chicks in each box to help with this (unless you note otherwise). However, if there are losses in shipment and you do receive fewer live birds than you ordered, we will make it right either by re-shipping poultry (we are not able to ship only a few chicks for replacement), or by refunding the price per bird, not including shipping and handling. Claims can be submitted online, navigate to our Sitemap at the bottom of the page, once you click here you will see the claim form listed. All claims need submitted all at once within 72 hrs.

Returns (Non-Poultry)

We want you to be happy. If an item arrives wrong or defective, we will simply make it right. We will re-ship or refund your order, just let us know. If an item arrives and is not what you expected, it can be returned within fourteen days. Simply request a refund, no questions asked. We will provide you an address for you to ship it back to and we will refund you the price of the product.

Breeding Stock Guarantee

All Valley Hatchery stock is guaranteed to be of the grade, quality, sex and breed as represented. Should concern ever arise, we commit to making prompt correction. In the development of these chicks, our breeders have followed accepted and recommended methods of flock control and egg selection. They have achieved recognition for high standards of sanitary and disease control in the Hatchery process. We cannot guarantee poultry to be free from any disease that could not be ascertained at the time hatched.

Poultry Shipping Minimums

We ship as few as three birds! All breeds have a minimum of three, you may order one cockerel with a clutch of pullets. Shipping minimums vary by type of poultry:

| Bantams (5) | Turkey (3) | Chicken (3) | Ducks (3) | Geese (3) | Guinea (5) |

Hatch Dates

We work often around the clock to keep accurate count of available hatchlings. When your order is received we will have our "Hatchery Brain" search for a date that has all of the birds you chose available. We will email you your hatch date within 3 business days of your order being received. During our regular season, we hatch both Mondays & Wednesdays. Depending on demand, hatch dates can be two or three months out. We recommend always placing your orders early in the season if you prefer to raise your chicks during a specific time.

Remember to make note at checkout of preferred delivery week/month or dates you're unable to accept shipments.

We try to estimate as best as possible what our hatch will yield. In the rare circumstance a hatch yielded less than anticipated, there is a chance your order may be delayed. After boxing all shipments, we notify any customers that we will need to reschedule. While this is rare, we are working with Mother Nature and it does occur. We don't like it and are sure you won't either. If delays do occur, we will send you a FREE gift and hope you won't crow at us!


Sexing Guarantee

Don't worry - we will make it right. We offer a 90% sexing accuracy guarantee. Afterall, it is an art that requires magnifying glasses. Our policy means, if you order 100 pullets - you will receive at least 90 pullets. If we make an error, we will make it right for anything more than the allowed 10%. We will credit or refund you the pullet price less the cockerel price.


Susan Smith orders 20 Rhode Island Red Females.

After maturing, Susan has 17 females, and three males.

Susan would enter a claim for credit for 1 female.

We would issue her a credit for one female, less the price of the male chick as she is keeping the cockerel.

Explanation: Our guarantee allows for 10% error. 10% of 20 would be an allowance for 2 males. Being her count of males exceeded this, we would credit her for one of the birds less the value of the bird she ended up receiving (the male chick).

Contact Customer Service for more information.


Order Changes or Cancellations

For non-live orders i.e. supplies, you may change or cancel your order anytime before it is shipped. After shipment, customers must follow the return policy.

For LIVE poultry orders, we cannot allow changes made to an order. If changes are required you must cancel your order and re-order.

LIVE Order Cancellations: We must take our birds off the market once they are sold and hope to re-sell them when their hatched. With that said, live poultry orders must be cancelled at least 4 days prior to hatch and will result in a 10% fee or $15. Whichever is greater.

Shipping Methods

Since 1918, the USPS has been shipping live poultry! When birds are hatched, they absorb their yolk sac for nutrition. They have plenty of nutrients to make their journey to you. We bring your babies to the post office the morning they are hatched and they begin their flight to you. Your Post Office will call you when the arrive for pickup or arranging delivery. We suggest picking your babies up! For non-live shipments, we use the most economical as well as quickest way to you.

"Worth the Wait" Items

Supplies and decor in this category are shipped directly from the manufacturer at heavily discounted rates. Due to coming from manufacturer at a discounted rate, we advise to allow 30-60 days for delivery. Shop our regular supply and decor items for faster ship times.

Shipping Fees

Supplies & Decor | $6.99

FREE SHIPPING on Supply orders $75+ use code FREESHIP at checkout

Smaller orders of poultry require additional handling, heat packs and care which requires higher shipping prices. Live Poultry shipping prices are as follows:

Poultry Orders of 3-14 | $44.99

Poultry Orders of 15-49 | $29.99

Poultry Orders of 50-99 | $24.99

Poultry Orders of 100-200 | $39.99

Shipping Destinations

We only ship to the United States.

Hawaii & Alaska orders must be placed at least 2-3 weeks in advance and we can only ship chickens: We do not ship turkey, water fowl and other poultry. There is a $25 non-refundable processing fee for all orders. The order must have at least $100 dollars worth of birds to qualify, not counting the processing fee or shipping charges. We will not be offering any reships. You may start a brand new order if you choose to get any replacement birds, but you will be charged normal ship/handling costs plus the $25.00 non-refundable fee.

Where are we located

We are headquartered in Ohio. We ship both from our Ohio and Missouri facilities. We ship from our regional post offices direct to you.


It is our responsibility to supply you with healthy stock! It is your responsibility to prepare for live birds and check zoning regulations prior to shipment. We require any customer purchasing live poultry to watch this video, to best prepare for their arrival:


At no time can Valley Hatchery's guarantee exceed original purchase price.

Data errors can occur, website is not guaranteed to be free of errors. Descriptions may include errors from importing. Pricing errors can occur like any business. Pricing errors cannot be honored and customers will be asked to pay the difference less a ten percent discount. By placing an order with Valley Hatchery LLC you understand all policies and agree to them.