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100% Live Arrival Guarantee

We take time and care packing live parcels to help ensure live arrival. We guarantee a full count of safe live poultry. In the case loss occurs in transit, it must be reported within eight hours of receiving the shipment. For day-old poultry, we generally put extras of your chosen breed(s) in each box to help with any losses (unless you note otherwise). All live parcels are marked to be held at the Post Office for pick up and must picked up in a timely manner. Our Guarantee is void for any live parcels not picked up within eight hours of arriving to their local Post Office or if delivery is requested from USPS to your physical shipping address.

In the case of loss during transit and you receive fewer live birds than you ordered, we will issue a refund for the price of poultry lost. In the rare case total loss occurs, a one-time reshipment can be made for no additional fee. It is important to note for partial losses, price of poultry lost will be refunded – we are unable to make partial reshipments. For all orders, our Guarantee covers the cost of poultry, shipping is a service and is not refundable.

Valley Hatchery assumes no liability of your poultry once they arrive safe and in a timely manner. Please note that there is some risk of loss raising young fowl. We are unable to refund or replace losses that occur after safe arrival.

To process a live arrival claim, photo of entire losses and photo of live poultry must be submitted within eight hours of receiving the shipment. A claim can be submitted by clicking here.

To help get your mail-ordered chicks off to the best start, we ask to take the time to read and review our Guide to Raising Mail-Order Chicks

Sexing Accuracy Guarantee

We offer a 90% sexing accuracy guarantee on most breeds. Some breeds are harder to sex, their accuracy percentage guarantee is noted on their product page. Sexing is an art rather than a science; marginal error should be expected. For example, on a breed with a 90% guarantee our policy is, if you order 10 pullets – you will receive at least 9 pullets. If we make an error, we will make it right for anything more than the allowed 10%. We will issue a non-expiring store credit for a future order for the female price less the male price. Claims must be submitted by clicking here.

Please note that in the calculation of credits for claims related to both arrival and sexing, the value of any extra chicks included in your order will be taken into consideration. We understand the importance of providing additional support in case of any losses or discrepancies. Our commitment to customer satisfaction extends to ensuring fair compensation based on the full value of your order, including any extras received. We appreciate your cooperation and trust in Valley Hatchery.

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