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Valley Hatchery LLC

Valley Hatchery hatches the eggs we produce, and we ship chicks across the US! We have many customers who are interested in purchasing hatching eggs & we hate to turn them away. Our new partnership program will allow reputable breeders to partner with Valley Hatchery & offer their hatching eggs on our site!

How it works: Fill out the form below, detailing the breeds you have available and price per dozen for eggs. You must be NPIP certified PRIOR to filling out the form. If you are selected to participate, eggs will be listed on our site and when an order is placed – you will be emailed the shipping details. Once shipped, a check will be issue by mail OR a PayPal Payment will be sent. 
Eggs must be shipped to customers packaged with care via USPS. Valley Hatchery’s information must be used on the return address and on any info in the package. 

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