Add-On: Vaccinate for Mareks Disease

$7.00 - $75.00
Maximum Purchase:
1 unit
Valley Hatchery will vaccinate eligible fowl when hatched with this add-on vaccine.
Select amount of chicks ordered in "Eligible Poultry Quantity" drop down menu. Example: If you are ordering 6 chicks, you would select the 3-14 chick option.

Product Overview

One of the most common diseases in chickens is Marek’s Disease. As a type of herpes viral disease, Marek’s Disease cannot make people sick, but once a bird is infected, it’s infected for life. Depending on the strain of Marek’s and the breed of the bird, not all birds will show signs of sickness. Regardless, it’s important to understand that once you have infected birds, you’re at risk for losing a large portion of your flock.

Unfortunately, if your chicken contracts Marek’s Disease, there is no cure or treatment. If your chicken has come into contact with Marek’s Disease, you may have an infected bird on your hands without even knowing it. Chickens can contract this herpes virus without showing any symptoms, or even have a few symptoms that never fully progress.

Valley Hatchery HIGHLY reccomends vaccinating your chicks for Mareks. Vaccination for Marek’s is also not a guarantee that the chicken will not get Marek’s disease but has been a very effective vaccination. Currently, we use an HVT/IBD/RISPENS vaccine. These vaccinations must be given at 1 day of age.

We do not vaccinate Geese, Ducks, Guinea, Turkeys, Peafowl, Game Birds or Jumbo Cornish. If any of these varieties are on your order, they will not receive vaccine but the eligible fowl will.