Pavlovskaya Hatching Eggs


Product Overview

This is a very rare breed that nearly went extinct. Brought back from the edge with just a select few birds. They originate from Pavolo, Russia. These unique and gorgeous chickens are very cold hardy and sport feathered legs, a wispy crest, and muffs. Hens lay 70+ small to medium sized eggs per year.

No color variation can be selected when choosing this breed. The chicks can be any variety of color combination that is hatched.

Roosters: 3.75 lbs

Hens: 3 lbs


Hatching Eggs:

  • Due to time of year, there can be a shipping delay. This is entirely dependent on how the hens are laying. Generally, orders are shipped within two weeks of being placed.
  • Orders are shipped USPS Priority mail and customers receive notification of shipment the day they are shipped.
  • We cannot guarantee hatchability due to shipment handling beyond our control.
  • No refunds on hatching eggs, should breakage occur in transit and you receive less eggs than ordered - we will provide a one time reshipment. We take great care in packing and experience minimal shipping issues.