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Barnevelder Chicks


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Sassy, classy, and fun to watch, the Barnevelder is a treat to keep and makes for an excellent backyard chicken breed. This low-maintenance bird sports a striking feather coloration of rich brown and blueish black. With a very laid-back personality, some may consider this bird rather lazy. Because they are not as active as other breeds, you will have to watch their diet and keep them from packing on extra weight. Similar to the Welsummer, Barnevelders lay beautiful rich chocolate-colored eggs. Each hen will lay 150 to 200 large dark brown eggs annually. Roosters will reach an adult weight of 7 pounds and females will be around 6 pounds fully matured. The Barnevelder is an APA-recognized breed and is shown in the Continental Class. This beautiful bird lives an average of 7 years or more. All of our baby chicks for sale come with a live arrival guarantee. We at Valley Hatchery strive to produce only the healthiest chicks at our chicken hatchery.


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