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Barred Plymouth Rock Started Pullet


Started Pullets are 15-20 weeks old at the time of shipment. Started Pullets ship on Tuesdays.  All Started Pullets have been vaccinated for Mareks Disease. Looking for Barred Rock Chicks? Click here! 

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Valley Hatchery is proud to offer the Barred Plymouth Rock Started Pullets, a time-honored breed that has graced backyards since 1874. These chickens are not just a classic choice for your coop; they also make fantastic pets. Known for their impressive size and striking barred feather pattern, Barred Plymouth Rocks are a dual-purpose breed, excelling in egg production in both summer and winter. These active birds are not only productive but also a delight to observe in your backyard.

With these chickens, you can expect a robust annual egg production of 200 to 280 large brown eggs. If you’re interested in breeding, it’s worth noting that the hens of this breed often go broody. In terms of size, the Barred Plymouth Rock is quite substantial, with roosters averaging 9.5 pounds and hens around 7.5 pounds when fully matured. Their docile and friendly nature makes them an excellent addition to any family.

With a remarkable average lifespan of 10 to 12 years, these chickens can be a long-term companion in your coop, especially with proper care. As an American Poultry Association (APA) recognized breed, shown in the American Class, Barred Plymouth Rocks stand as a testament to quality and heritage. At Valley Hatchery, our commitment is to provide only the healthiest Barred Plymouth Rock chickens, ensuring a thriving and enjoyable backyard chicken-keeping experience for the whole family.

Our Started Pullets, aged 15-20 weeks and vaccinated against Marek’s Disease, are ready to be the new, lively addition to your flock. For those who prefer to raise these charming birds from a younger age, we also offer Barred Plymouth Rock chicks for sale. Choose Valley Hatchery for a fulfilling journey into backyard poultry with our Barred Plymouth Rock Started Pullets.

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