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Birchen Standard Old English Chicks


Step into the world of unique poultry with Valley Hatchery’s Birchen Old English Chicks. A vibrant addition to any enthusiast’s collection.  This and many more breeds available at our chicken hatchery.

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Valley Hatchery proudly presents the Birchen Standard Old English Chicks, a unique and striking breed that’s a true spectacle in any coop. These chickens are distinguished by their eye-catching plumage – the males flaunting saddle and hackle feathers of white with a central black stripe, set against a sleek black body and tail. The females complement this with their own elegant black hues.

Steeped in a rich history, the Old English Game breed, from which these birds descend, has roots going back to ancient Roman times. Initially bred for cockfighting, a practice banned in 1849, they have since found a new arena in poultry shows, celebrated for their aesthetic and behavioral traits rather than their fighting prowess. While the Birchen color isn’t recognized by the American Poultry Association, it doesn’t diminish their allure in the slightest.

These are not just pretty birds; they’re also known for their robustness and activity. Small and tightly feathered, they exhibit an upright posture with a puffed-out chest, exuding confidence and strength. With a lifespan of about 15 years, they are among the longest-living chicken breeds. Although not prolific egg layers, the hens do produce around 120 white eggs annually and are excellent mothers, albeit a bit protective. They’re also valued for their meat quality, thanks to good muscle distribution.

Birchen Old English Chicks are known for their lively spirit. They can be somewhat noisy and have a natural tendency to fly, often showing a desire to return to the wild. These characteristics make them well-suited for free-range environments, where they can display their hardiness and adaptability to various climates. However, caution is advised when keeping multiple males, as they tend to be territorial.

In addition to the Birchen variety, Valley Hatchery offers these charismatic Old English Chickens in both standard and bantam sizes. If you’re looking for a breed that combines historical charm with striking beauty and resilience, our Birchen Standard Old English Chicks are a perfect choice.


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Large Fowl Chickens

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