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Black Breasted Red Jungle Fowl Standard Old English Chicks


Discover the vibrant beauty of Black Breasted Red Jungle Fowl Standard Old English Chicks at Valley Hatchery, your trusted chicken hatchery for heritage breeds. A perfect blend of history and elegance.

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Valley Hatchery is excited to present our Black Breasted Red Jungle Fowl Standard Old English Chicks, a breed that’s not just a bird, but a vibrant piece of living history. Originating from ancient cockfighting birds introduced to Great Britain by the Romans in the 1st century, these chickens have evolved from their combative past to become stars of the poultry show world. Known for their upright posture and puffed-out chests, these small yet hardy birds boast an impressive lineage, contributing to the development of numerous other breeds.

These Old English Games stand out with their unique combination of a straight comb and striking blue/green leg color. Dubbing (removing the comb, ear lobes, and wattles) is a standard practice, especially significant in poultry shows where non-dubbed males lead to disqualification. Beyond their showy appearance, these birds are known for their spirited nature. They are capable of considerable flight, often noisy, and can exhibit a flighty temperament, sometimes returning to the wild if the opportunity arises.

In terms of utility, these chickens are more than just ornamental. Although not prolific egg layers, the hens do produce around 120 white eggs annually and are known to be excellent mothers, often going broody. But it’s not all about the eggs; these birds also have good muscle meat distribution, making them a valuable choice for table birds. Remarkably, they are among the longest-living chicken breeds, with lifespans reaching up to 15 years.

Their adaptability is another feather in their cap. These robust birds can thrive in a range of temperatures and are adept at avoiding predators, making them well-suited for free-range environments. However, be mindful of housing multiple males together, as they tend to be territorial and prone to fighting.

The visual allure of these chickens is undeniable. The roosters are a magnificent spectacle with vibrant red, black, and blue plumage. The hens complement this with their own beauty, featuring brown feathers and a golden orange neck, creating a stunning visual harmony that enchants every onlooker. With Valley Hatchery’s Black Breasted Red Jungle Fowl Standard Old English Chicks, you’re not just getting chickens; you’re bringing home a piece of history, beauty, and nature’s resilience.


Straight Run (Not Sexed)

Poultry Type

Large Fowl Chickens

Show Class

Game, Other Standard Breeds

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Small – Medium


Active, Flighty



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