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Blue Silkie Bantam Chicks


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Introducing Valley Hatchery’s Blue Silkie Bantam Chickens! These gorgeous birds are perfect for anyone looking for a show bird, a broody mother hen, or a backyard pet. With their fluffy blue feathers and charming beards, these bantams are sure to turn heads.

As an added bonus, our Blue Silkie Bantams are also of the bearded variety, which is distinguished by the fluffy feather muffs that cover their earlobes and flow down below their beak. Both male and female Blue Silkie Bantams can have beards, adding to their unique and charming appearance.

Silkies are known for their calm, docile personalities and do well in confinement, making them a great choice for those who want a pet chicken that is easy to care for. They are also excellent mothers and tend to go broody, making them a great choice for anyone looking to hatch their own chicks.

It’s important to note that breeding two Blue Silkies together will not produce a 100% blue offspring. Instead, you can expect a genetic mix of approximately 50% blue chicks, 25% dark blue/black chicks, and 25% splash Silkies.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to add these beautiful and unique birds to your flock. Order your Blue Silkie Bantam Chickens from Valley Hatchery today!

Learn more about this breed, watch this video by ‘Livestock Breeds’:


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