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Brassy Back Old English Bantam Chicks


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Valley Hatchery offers a variety of Old English Bantam Chickens that are known for their energy and activity level. They are great at foraging and can quickly get rid of unwanted insects and weeds. The hens are also very protective mothers, making sure their chicks are safe and healthy. Valley Hatchery has a range of Old English Bantam Chicken varieties available, including Black Breasted Red, Brassy Back, Black, Blue, Splash, Barred, Brown Red, Ginger Red, Crele, Red Pyle, Self Blue, Spangled, White, Wheaten, and Silver Duckwing.

In addition to the Old English Bantam Chickens, Valley Hatchery also offers Old English Large Fowl Chickens. These birds are hardy and dependable. They prefer to have more space to roam and are not as tolerant of being kept in close confinement. The roosters of this breed have beautiful plumage and long tail feathers, while the hens have a similar appearance but lack the large tail feathers and are less colorful.

Valley Hatchery is dedicated to providing top-quality poultry to its customers. The Old English Bantam Chickens and Old English Large Fowl Chickens are excellent choices for those looking to add hardy and productive birds to their flock.


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