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Brown Leghorn Chicks


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Similar to the White Leghorn, the Brown Leghorn is known for being an egg-laying machine. These stunning chickens sport a multi-color feather coat that comes in various shades of brown and orange with strong contrasts of black. Hardy and built for survival, Brown Leghorns can withstand cold temperatures and make excellent backyard chickens in four-season areas. They are flighty and not recommended for beginner chicken keepers. Each hen will lay an average of 220 to 300 extra-large white eggs per year with some going well over 300. Males weigh an average of 6 pounds at maturity and females weigh an average of 4.5 pounds. Brown Leghorn Chicks are an APA-recognized breed and are shown in the Mediterranean Class. Their life expectancy is only 5 years but this can be increased with proper care, a stimulating environment, and reduced stress. All of our chickens for sale come with a live arrival guarantee. Valley Hatchery’s mission is to provide only the healthiest, happiest chickens.

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