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Buff Orpington Started Pullet


Started Pullets are 15-20 weeks old at the time of shipment. Started Pullets ship on Tuesdays.  All Started Pullets have been vaccinated for Mareks Disease. Looking for Buff Orpington Chicks? Click here!

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Confirmed shipment date is emailed within 3 business days of orders being placed.

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Valley Hatchery proudly presents the Buff Orpington Started Pullets, a cherished breed hailing from England, renowned for its substantial size and impressive egg production. These large, dual-purpose chickens are a perfect fit for both backyard coops and as family pets, thanks to their gentle and sociable nature. Their affectionate demeanor and enjoyment of human interaction make them a joy to raise and care for.

Not only are Buff Orpingtons wonderful companions, but they also excel in meat production due to their size. For those interested in breeding, Buff Orpington hens are known for their strong brooding instincts, making them excellent mothers. Expect each hen to produce around 200 to 280 medium-sized brown eggs annually. When fully grown, roosters reach an average weight of 10 pounds, while hens typically weigh around 8 pounds. With an average lifespan of about 9 years, these chickens are a long-term commitment to joy and productivity.

Recognized by the American Poultry Association (APA) and shown in the English Class, our Buff Orpingtons are a testament to quality and care. At Valley Hatchery, we ensure that all our chickens, including Buff Orpington Started Pullets aged 15-20 weeks and vaccinated against Marek’s Disease, are healthy and happy upon arrival. For enthusiasts who prefer to start with younger birds, we also offer Buff Orpington chicks for sale. Choose Valley Hatchery for a delightful addition to your backyard with our Buff Orpington chickens, sure to bring happiness and health to your homestead.

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