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Chick Roost


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Introducing the Chick Roost, a must-have product for your young chicks to develop their roosting skills and increase their grip strength. Our roost features high-quality plastic structure plates that attach to three roosts, with the bottom two made from solid wood and the top roost coated with a safe texturized material to help chicks with grip. Measuring 4.25 inches tall and 6.75 inches wide, our Chick Roost provides a perfect beginner roost for chicks to practice on. While it is typically outgrown by the third week, it provides your chicks a great start to practice their roosting skills.

Chickens have a natural instinct to roost; it is where they feel safe.  Our Chick Roost supports your chicks’ natural roosting instincts and helps reduce boredom. By strengthening their toe grip and balance, our roost encourages your chicks to become more confident in roosting on your next higher roost.

With our Chick Roost, your chicks will have a strong foundation for a healthy and happy life. Give your young chicks the perfect start with our Chick Roost!

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