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Chick Roost


Valley Hatchery’s Roost is designed to support young chicks in developing essential roosting skills and grip strength. A perfect beginner perch for healthy, confident chickens.

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Boost Your Chicks’ Development with Valley Hatchery’s Chick Roost – The Ideal First Step in Roosting!

Foster Essential Skills in Young Chicks with Ease and Safety!

Product Features:

  • Ergonomic Design: Our Roost features a trio of perches – the bottom two crafted from solid wood for stability, and the top one coated with a safe, textured material for enhanced grip.
  • Perfect Dimensions for Beginners: With a height of 4.25 inches and a width of 6.75 inches, this roost is ideally sized for young chicks, offering a comfortable and encouraging start.
  • Quality Construction: Built with high-grade plastic structure plates, the Chick Roost is both durable and safe for your feathered friends.

Benefits of the Chick Roost:

  • Develops Roosting Skills: Designed specifically for young chicks, this roost helps them hone their natural roosting instincts and grip strength from an early age.
  • Promotes Health and Confidence: Regular use of the Chick Roost aids in developing toe grip and balance, paving the way for more confident and healthy chickens.
  • Reduces Boredom: By mimicking their natural habitat, the Chick Roost keeps your chicks engaged and happy, reducing stress and boredom.

Why Valley Hatchery’s Chick Roost?

  1. Tailored for Young Chicks: Especially useful in the critical early weeks, our roost provides the perfect learning curve for your chicks.
  2. Safe and Secure: Safety is our priority. The textured material on the top perch ensures a safe grip, preventing slips and falls.
  3. Easy to Use and Maintain: Simple to install and clean, it fits seamlessly into your chicks’ living space.

Get Your Chick Roost Today! Set the stage for a fulfilling chicken life right from the start. Valley Hatchery’s Chick Roost is more than just a perch; it’s the first step towards raising happy, healthy, and confident chickens. Add it to your coop and watch your chicks flourish!

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