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Crele Standard Old English Chicks


Discover the artistic beauty of Crele Old English Chicks with Valley Hatchery, a premier poultry hatchery. Ideal for exhibitions and free-range enthusiasts.

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Valley Hatchery brings you the Crele Standard Old English Chicks, a delightful addition to your flock that combines a rich history with striking beauty. These birds are a living tapestry, each one showcasing a unique blend of black and white or red and brown barring, making them a walking piece of art.

Dating back to before the 1st century A.D., the Old English Game, from which these birds descend, has a storied past. Originating in Europe and brought to Great Britain by the Romans, they were once bred for cockfighting. However, after the ban in 1849, these birds found a new spotlight in poultry shows, celebrated for their beauty and unique characteristics. Recognized by the American Standard of Perfection in 1938, the Old English Game is a testament to the breed’s enduring appeal.

These birds are not just for show; they’re known for their impressive lifespan, living up to about 15 years. While not famed for their egg-laying prowess, laying around 120 white eggs per year, Old English hens are excellent mothers and tend to go broody. Their ornamental value is matched by their utility, as they have good muscle meat distribution, making them suitable as table birds.

Crele Old English Chicks are characterized by their robust and active nature. Small and tightly feathered, they carry themselves with an upright stance and a puffed-out chest, exuding confidence. These chickens are tough, hardy, and adaptable to various temperatures, thriving in free-range environments. They’re also known for their flighty and somewhat aggressive nature, often displaying a strong tendency to return to the wild. With their capacity for considerable flight and vocal nature, they’re adept at evading predators. However, it’s advisable to avoid keeping multiple males together due to their territorial tendencies.

In addition to the stunning Crele variety, Valley Hatchery also offers Old English Chickens in charming bantam sizes. Whether you’re an ornamental bird enthusiast, a free-range farmer, or a poultry show aficionado, our Crele Standard Old English Chicks are sure to captivate and impress.


Straight Run (Not Sexed)

Poultry Type

Large Fowl Chickens

Show Class

Game, Other Standard Breeds

Purpose & Type

Egg Laying

Egg Shell Color


Egg Production


Egg Size

Small – Medium


Active, Flighty



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