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Cuckoo Marans Chicks


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The Cuckoo Marans is not a very common chicken in the US as it is quite rare to find. They are known for their striking marbled feather coloration which is similar to a Barred Plymouth Rock. These chickens are fast-growing, friendly, and not likely to go broody. Cuckoo Marans make good free-range chickens but are not ideal around small children as they typically do not like to be touched. The egg production of these hens is roughly 180 large eggs or more per year and the shells come in a dark brown shade which is sometimes speckled. The roosters will average about 9 pounds fully matured and the hens will be around 7 pounds. Cuckoo Marans are not an APA-recognized breed. The average lifespan of this breed is 8 years on average. Finding healthy baby chicks for sale online can be a hassle which is why we at Valley Hatchery strive to make things easier and more convenient. Our day-old chicks will make a wonderful start to your backyard chicken coop or your very own hatchery, no matter the breed.

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