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DIY 6 Port Poultry Feeder Kit


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Introducing the DIY 6 Port Poultry Feeder Kit by Fowl Stuff, the ultimate solution for hassle-free chicken feeding. This innovative feeder is designed to keep your poultry feed fresh, dry and reduce spillage and mess. Its unique moisture-proof design is equipped with a rubber ring seal to prevent leaks and ensure that your feed stays dry. Whether you have a 5-gallon bucket or a larger tote, these can be easily installed and connected to any container for constant, automatic feeding. Made from durable and super-tough material, they are perfect for outdoor use and can withstand even the toughest environments. With its threaded design, they allow you to effortlessly install or remove, making it easy to clean and maintain. The kit comes complete with a 3.15″/80mm hole saw bit, 6 feeder ports, and 6 threaded stoppers that can be used to close off ports to stop the flow of feed and to keep pests out. Designed with easy installation in mind, these ports allow you to set up your feeder in just a few minutes. Invest in the DIY 6 Port Poultry Feeder Kit and enjoy a hassle-free feeding experience!

*Bucket or container not included. 

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