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Hatchery Choice Started Cockerel


Started Birds are 15-20 weeks old at the time of shipment. Started Birds ship on Tuesdays.  All Started Birds have been vaccinated for Mareks Disease.

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Add a dash of charm and protection to your flock with Valley Hatchery’s Started Cockerels, the perfect companions for your Started Pullets. If you’re considering expanding your backyard farm with a rooster, our Started Cockerels are an ideal choice. These young roosters not only enhance the dynamics of your flock but also bring numerous benefits. They are known for their role in protecting the hens, assisting in managing the flock, and acting as a natural alarm system. Their distinct personalities and iconic crowing add an element of fun and authenticity to your backyard farming experience.

Our Started Cockerels are available as ‘hatchery choice,’ meaning you’ll receive a rooster from the same variety of breeds as our Started Pullets. Aged between 15-20 weeks at the time of shipping, they come to you vaccinated against Marek’s Disease. This ensures that they are not only a lively addition to your flock but also a healthy and safe one. Trust Valley Hatchery for a vibrant, well-rounded, and secure backyard poultry environment.

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