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No Crow Collar (2-Pack)


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Did she turn out to be….a he? Cannot have roosters? Tired of waking up at sunrise or is your neighbor simply tired of Mr. Cluck Norris? The Fowl Stuff™ No Crow Collar is a flexible, safe, effective and cruelty free way to reduce crowing. Simply adjust like a dog collar, and… Cock-A-Doodle…Please!…Don’t!….whew!

Hook and loop design, adjustable size. The no-crow rooster collar cannot fully stop your rooster crowing. The noise neck belt is designed to significantly reduce the volume and frequency of crowing. Results may vary from rooster to rooster, and are dependent on the person doing the fitting.

Material: Nylon and fastener
Color: Black & Red
Size: Width: 0.78in, total length: 7.08in

Package Includes:
1 X Black No-Crow Rooster Collar

1 X Red No-Crow Rooster Collar

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