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Partridge Cochin Standard Chicks


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Valley Hatchery is proud to offer Partridge Cochin Standard Chickens for purchase online. These beautiful ornamental birds make great pets, thanks to their friendly and docile nature. They are known to lay 110-160 medium to large brown eggs per year, making them a useful addition to any backyard flock.

Partridge Cochins are a medium-sized breed, with roosters weighing in at around 11lbs and hens at 8.5lbs. They are recognized by the American Poultry Association and are shown in the Asiatic Class. This breed is known to have originated in Asia and is well-suited to colder climates due to their profusion of feathers. However, it’s important to keep their pens dry to prevent frostbite on their feathered toes.

Partridge Cochins are named for their unique color pattern, which features a combination of shiny black and rich red. The head and neck are red, while the chest and tail are black, creating a striking appearance. These chickens are known to be broody and make great mothers.

If you’re looking to add some friendly and attractive chickens to your backyard, consider purchasing Partridge Cochin Standard Chickens from Valley Hatchery. Order online today and have these amazing birds delivered to your local Post Office.


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Large Fowl Chickens

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Dual Purpose, Egg Laying

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Medium – Large


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