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Poultry Watering Cups (2 Pack)


Ensure fresh water for your flock with Valley Hatchery’s Poultry Watering Cups. Easy installation, automatic refill for efficient chicken hydration.

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Efficient Hydration for Your Flock: Valley Hatchery’s Poultry Watering Cups (2 Pack)

 Buy Now: Easy-Install Poultry Watering Cups from Valley Hatchery

Key Features:

  • Fresh Water Supply: Ensures your poultry always have access to fresh and clean water.
  • Waste Reduction: Prevents water spillage and keeps bedding dry.
  • Automatic Refill Mechanism: Cups refill automatically when chickens peck at the built-in plunger.

Product Description: Keep your poultry hydrated and healthy with Valley Hatchery’s Poultry Watering Cups (2 Pack). These innovative cups are designed to provide a constant supply of fresh water, reducing waste and preventing wet bedding – essential for a clean and healthy coop environment.

Why Choose Valley Hatchery’s Poultry Watering Cups?

  • Easy Installation: Install into plastic tubing or directly into a plastic bucket. Simply drill a hole and insert the cup with its threaded connector.
  • Automatic Operation: The cups are equipped with a built-in plunger that chickens naturally peck at, triggering an automatic refill.
  • Durability and Efficiency: Made for long-lasting use and efficient water delivery, these cups are ideal for any poultry setup.

Streamlined Watering Solution: Perfect for poultry farmers and enthusiasts, these watering cups are a hassle-free way to ensure your birds stay hydrated without the constant need to refill water containers.

Invest in Your Poultry’s Health: Order your set of 2 Poultry Watering Cups today and ensure a continuous supply of clean water for your flock!

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