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Rainbow Layer Special


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Female 3 $4.75
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Valley Hatchery is excited to introduce our Rainbow Layer Special, a fun and exciting way to add some color and variety to your flock. This special can include a random assortment of brown, blue, white, green, or pink egg-laying breeds, providing a beautiful rainbow of eggs in different colors and shades. These chicks will also have a beautiful feather pattern in a variety of colors, giving you a colorful and visually striking flock to enjoy.

We do our best to include a variety of breeds in this special, depending on our hatch yields. Please note that the specific breeds included may vary, and we do not record or note the breeds that are sent. Don’t miss out on this chance to add some happiness and fun to your flock with our Rainbow Layer Special from Valley Hatchery. You’ll love the colorful eggs and beautiful feather patterns that these chicks will provide.



Poultry Type

Large Fowl Chickens

Purpose & Type

Dual Purpose, Egg Laying

Egg Production

Excellent, Good

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