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Spangled Standard Old English Chicks


Valley Hatchery’s Spangled Standard Old English Chicks, add a sprinkle of spangle to your coop and watch the magic unfold! These and other fantastic chicks from your favorite chick hatchery.

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Valley Hatchery invites you to experience the allure of our Spangled Standard Old English Chicks, a breed that’s as captivating as it is historic. Renowned for their ornate plumage, these chickens are a spectacle of dark red feathers, artistically tipped with white spangles that grow more prominent as they age. The males take this grandeur up a notch with their iridescent black tail feathers and striking blue-black wings and back, making them a dazzling addition to any flock.

These birds boast an ancestry steeped in the history of ancient Rome, where they were initially bred for cockfighting. With the ban of this sport in 1849, their legacy found new life in poultry shows, celebrated for attributes beyond their fighting spirit. Recognized by the American Standard of Perfection since 1938, these Old English Games are not just show birds but a symbol of resilience and evolution.

Beyond their stunning appearance, these chickens are known for their robust nature. They are small, active, and tightly feathered, carrying themselves with a proud, upright stance. Despite not being famed egg-layers, the hens are reliable for about 120 white eggs per year and are noted for their excellent mothering skills, though they can be somewhat protective. Their longevity is impressive, with lifespans reaching around 15 years, a testament to their hardiness.

Adaptability is a key trait of the Spangled Standard Old English, thriving in various climates and excelling in free-range environments. They are equipped with strong flight capabilities and are known for their alert and somewhat noisy demeanor. However, their tendency to be territorial, especially among males, should be noted when planning your coop.

Valley Hatchery is proud to offer these magnificent birds, which are not only a joy to behold but also bring a rich tapestry of history to your backyard. Whether for exhibition or simply to enjoy their striking beauty, our Spangled Standard Old English Chicks are sure to enchant and delight.

Valley Hatchery also offers Old English Chickens in bantam varieties.


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Large Fowl Chickens

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