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Wheaten Standard Old English Chicks


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Valley Hatchery’s Wheaten Standard Old English Chicks stand out with their unique coloration and robust qualities, despite not being recognized as an APA color variety. The roosters display a mesmerizing blend of orange, red, and black feathers, while the hens charm onlookers with their beautiful, stippled wheaten plumage, accented by contrasting black tail feathers. These chickens are not just visually appealing but also have played a significant role in the development of various other chicken breeds.

For exhibition purposes, the males of this breed undergo dubbing, which involves the removal of the comb and wattles, enhancing their show-worthy appearance. The hens are moderately productive, laying approximately 120 white eggs annually. Despite not being renowned for their egg-laying capacity, they are noted for their tendency to go broody and are celebrated as excellent, albeit sometimes aggressive, mothers.

These Old English chickens are not just ornamental but also practical. They are valued for their good muscle meat distribution, making them suitable as table birds. Remarkably, this breed is known for its longevity, often living up to 15 years, a testament to their hardy nature. Alongside the standard varieties, Valley Hatchery proudly offers these chickens in bantam sizes, catering to a diverse range of poultry enthusiasts. With their striking appearance, dual-purpose utility, and extended lifespan, the Wheaten Standard Old English Chicks are an excellent choice for both show and home settings.


Straight Run (Not Sexed)

Poultry Type

Large Fowl Chickens

Show Class

Game, Other Standard Breeds

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Egg Laying

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Small – Medium


Active, Flighty



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