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White Phoenix Chicks


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Valley Hatchery is proud to offer the majestic White Standard Phoenix, a breed with a distinguished history dating back to ancient Japan and post-World War II Germany. This variety was developed from the Onagadori Japanese breed, and it was crossed with game birds and the Onagadori breed (which is often mistaken for the Phoenix).

Physically, these chickens are renowned for their white shoulder hackles, long saddle hackles, and incredibly long tail feathers. The Phoenix breed was specifically developed to have exceptionally long tails, although they are not quite as extravagant as those of the Onagadori breed. The male Phoenix’s tail feathers can reach up to 4-5 feet in length, depending on the bloodline. White Standard Phoenix hens are known for their broody nature and for laying small, tinted eggs. They also have genes that prolong molting periods.

These birds are perfect for exhibition, with their stunning long feathers and active nature. White Standard Phoenix Chickens are known to lay 40-100 small, tinted eggs per year. Roosters generally weigh in at 5.5lbs, while hens tend to be about 4lbs. Although they are not recognized by the American Poultry Association (APA), White Phoenix Chickens are known for their tendency to go broody. Add some elegance to your flock with these beautiful White Standard Phoenix Chickens from Valley Hatchery.

Learn more about this breed, watch this video by ‘Livestock Breeds’:


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