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Quick Tips: Planning Nest Boxes

If you’ve decided to raise chickens for eggs, nesting boxes will be an important part of your coop and run planning. Here’s a quick fact list to help you set your chickens up to be successful layers! Security. Oddly, security means something slightly different to your hens than it means to you. Think back to …

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What’s A Nest Box?

If you’re planning to raise chickens for egg-laying purposes, you’re eventually going to have to figure out the answer to the question, “what’s a nest box?” Notice that we said “figure out the answer” not “learn the answer.” There really isn’t one answer to this question because different chickens, and different chicken farmers, have different …

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Marek’s Disease and Vaccination

Mareks disease is a viral infection that can affect both commercial and backyard poultry flocks. The virus is highly contagious and can cause significant losses in infected flocks. While there is no cure for Marek’s disease, there are some measures you can take to protect your flock from the virus. This article will summarize Marek’s …

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Quick Tips: Feed Types & Labels

Though they are sometimes upside-down on the bag, all commercially available farm animal feed bags have nutritional labels on them. This will help you make informed decisions about what to feed your poultry based on factors like type of poultry, their age, and your preferences for food sources. 28% Protein Medicated Turkey Chick Starter Chick …

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Quick Tips: Stopping Egg-Eaters

Stopping Egg Eaters! If you’ve discovered that you have an egg-eater, here are a few things you can try to break the habit.   Collect eggs more frequently throughout the day : Some hens will peck at eggs out of curiosity or to “make room” for their own eggs. It’s also possible that a larger, heavier …

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What Are Straight Run Chicks?

Possibly the most confusing thing for anyone new to buying chicks online is this term: straight run. You’ve got your coffee warmed up and your computer warmed up and you’re ready to go find the cutest-looking chicks to put into your cart and complete your order and then – confusion. Why does this breed come as …

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Choosing Cheeps Part 2 – Cold-Hardy Breeds

If you live in a northern climate where Elsa seems to lose her grip on reality from time to time, one of your primary worries regarding your flock will usually be how to protect it from the cold. The most basic strategy for helping your chickens continue to thrive during the winter is to choose …

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Best Heat-tolerant Breeds

Choosing Cheeps Part 1 – Heat-tolerant Breeds

Baby chicks come in a wide variety of colors and sizes. Trying to figure out what breed is best for you can seem a little overwhelming but fear not; from small to large, weird to beautiful, hot to cold, and egg to meat, there is a chicken out there for everyone! When choosing a breed …

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