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Unfortunately, today was a pattern of previous weeks and proved to be another difficult hatch day. Us and many other breeders and hatcheries across the country have been faced with a unique and challenging hatch season. Multiple factors have come to play but the most challenging is fewer fertile eggs due to less activity in the barns. It is hot, the breeders are hot, and they are simply less active. We have made the difficult decision to block out the remainder of our availability for the season to help us keep our current commitments to our customers. If our hatch rates improve, we will open availability. But until then, we have made the tough decision to block out our remaining availability at this time. If your order is scheduled, it is still reserved for you. In the case we are unable to fulfill – our first goal is to reschedule. If availability is too limited, customers would be notified and refunded. We truly appreciate our valued customers. Mother Nature can prove to be challenging, we are hopeful our customers are understanding. In so many ways the extreme weather has affected our agriculture communities.



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  1. I received my chicks in excellant condition. They are 2 wks.old today and have doubled in size. I’m very happy with Valley Hatchery and the quality of their product. I will never go anywhere else. Thanks for being a company that does what they claim and more.

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