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Missy Area
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I want to thank Angela who prepared my chicks with so much care for the long journey to me! The chicks arrived healthy although tired from their journey lol. All of them are growing up beautifuly! I have not had any problems with them being sick at all. They have been a joy to me and my wonderful Great Pyrenees Sven! This will be the only place I will ever get chicks from in the future.
Jessica Askew
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Great experience! Babies shipped from Ohio Wednesday and arrived here in Idaho Friday morning 6:00am! Everyone was happy and healthy, and I they gave me three extra chicks. Not sure if that was an accident or just to help keep everyone warm for the long journey. They were packaged well and the heat pad was still warm upon arrival. I will be using them again in June and would recommend them to anyone!
Jackson Wayne Sirmon
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I was so nervous to order babs, but I got mine today and they're all alive and happy, now that they're not traveling. beautiful babies, and if I ever need any more for any reason,I'll go right back here. they were shipped on Wednesday and arrived on Friday.
Stephani Mathieu
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ordered chick's about a week ago, hatched on the 13th, received my chick's in the mail on the 15th! super fast shipping. they also included an extra chick just in case! we did lose one, but its to be expected when shipping chick's. I will Sat these are the MOST hand friendly chick's I have EVER owned. Even compared to the chick's we have hatched ourselves. will Definitely recommend and order from you guys again! thank you so much!
Nichole Wadkins
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We received our chicks last week and they got to us super fast! All of the chicks arrived healthy! We ordered 11 and got one extra of each type of chicken that we ordered making the total 14. We love these little ladies and can’t wait to watch them grow. Thank you again! We will definitely be recommending and ordering from you guys again!
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