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What Backyard Poultry Enthusiasts Say...

We have ordered from hatcheries before and had both good and bad experiences. Valley is far and away the best company we have ordered from in customer service and our chicks are healthy and very high quality and true to breed. I give valley an A+ and all our future orders will be with them!

Clinton, KY

Nicest looking chicks I have seen in years from a hatchery!! Easter Eggers, Salmon Favorelles,and BLRW.... Roos marked:) ( I love these chicks. Healthy, calm.... It has been a week and they are all very well!!!

Tonopah, AZ

Well, it went almost too perfectly to learn quite so much. Except that they take what they do very seriously, and most personally ... and, you oughta see the birds they sent me: Not just beautiful 'cause they're cute, but because they're true to the breed, and genetically superior to most any examples I've seen.I wish I had order every single chick they had left.

Hurricane, WV

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