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A real boom has happened in the area of urban or backyard gardening and small homestead development. Backyard chicken keeping is on the rise. It is our mission to fulfill backyard poultry enthusiasts’ dreams of diverse flocks and aid in self-sufficiency. It all began in 2009 in Northeast Ohio as a 4-H project and has grown to become the chicken enthusiasts’ go-to supplier of premium quality poultry. Valley Hatchery is committed to offering high quality poultry with unparalleled Customer Service. We work daily to earn the privilege of supplying you with your next clutch of chicks, and rest assured we will be here every step of the way, whatever you may need.


It began in 2009 when a young 4-H’er decided he was going to hatch a dozen eggs for his 4-H project. The project turned out to be so much fun that his father developed an interest in hatching chicks. Later that year, him and his father began to research extremely rare breeds.

At the time, Black Copper Marans were unheard of in their area. They decided to start a flock of their own Black Copper Marans. Selecting the highest quality birds from two of the most respected lines (Wade Jean and Bev Davis) they quickly grew a large flock and began hatching eggs. The birds they developed were of excellent quality and extremely desirable – demand grew quickly. One Little Giant Incubator hatching a dozen eggs quickly grew. It seemed obvious that there was high demand for high quality poultry. Stepping out of their comfort zone and partnering with many breeders of other standard and rare breeds, Valley Hatchery was born. By 2012, Valley Hatchery had grown to offer five types of poultry, and 110 different varieties, hatching and shipping hundreds of birds a week to chicken enthusiasts all over the United States.
What started as a 4-H project taught the now alumni entrepreneur valuable lessons in leadership to grow Valley Hatchery. Valley Hatchery paused breeding for a short period of time after a few challenging hatch seasons to improve operations.

Valley Hatchery LLC proudly announced their return to retail poultry sales in 2020, offering five types of poultry. Including 70 breeds of poultry and over 175 different varieties. 

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