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Embarking on the Journey: From Egg to Your Coop

Understand the Seamless Process of Ordering Day-Old Poultry from Valley Hatchery

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Anticipating the Future: Projecting Egg Counts

At Valley Hatchery, our egg count projections are a result of a comprehensive approach. We factor in breed-specific egg-laying capabilities, draw insights from historical egg production by our flock, consider breed hatch rates, and account for the ever-changing environmental conditions throughout the season. As you browse through our breed offerings, it’s worth noting that availability can fluctuate, especially as we approach hatch dates. Our conservative estimates often lead to us setting more eggs than expected. Furthermore, if a particular hatch is progressing exceptionally well, we happily increase the number of birds available for sale. This means that opportunities to make a purchase arise more frequently than you might think, even if a breed appears sold out or currently unavailable for your desired date. So keep a close watch and be prepared to seize these opportunities to enhance your flock.

Securing Your Feathered Friends: The Art of Preselling and Reserving Birds

Discover the unique way we ensure you get the poultry companions you desire at Valley Hatchery. Our preselling process is designed to match your needs seamlessly. Through an availability system rooted in meticulous projections, we allow reservations that extend until the very afternoon of the hatch and ship date. Early planning is key to securing your favorites, and our preselling journey kicks off in December, paving the way for hatches and shipments from February through the first week of October. Whether you’re eyeing a specific breed or aiming to expand your flock, our flexible reservation system empowers you to make your choices confidently. Don’t miss the chance to reserve your feathered friends, guaranteeing your place in line for the next enchanting chapter of your poultry journey.

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From Eggs to Chirps: The Intricate Dance of Hatching and Packaging

Step into the fascinating world of hatching and packaging at Valley Hatchery, where the magic of life takes center stage. Our journey begins with 21 days of attentive incubation, nurturing eggs from our trusted breeder farms. On your much-anticipated hatch day, our dedicated team springs into action. As dawn breaks, delicate chirps fill the air as your birds hatch in the early morning hours. Our experienced hands orchestrate the process – carefully emptying incubators, sorting the fluffy arrivals, and entrusting the expert sexers to determine the genders with precision. Meanwhile, our skilled packers meticulously prepare your orders, ensuring each chick’s comfort during transit. The final touches are added by our diligent shippers, who scan, print postage, and load your future companions onto box trucks. Our drivers then embark on the journey to our regional post office, from where your future companions are transported to your local post office with care. This harmonious collaboration culminates in a symphony of care and dedication, as we prepare to send the vibrant life and potential of each chick to your doorstep.

Arrival Alert: Your Feathered Friends Await at the Local Post Office

As your poultry companions approach their new home, the spotlight shifts to your local post office in the next chapter of this remarkable journey. Within 1-3 days after the shipment date, expect a call from your local post office, a delightful alert that signals the arrival of your eagerly awaited chicks. This momentous message marks the start of an exciting new chapter for both you and your new feathered friends. Swift action is essential – prioritize their pickup right away to ensure they transition to their new abode comfortably and thrive in their fresh surroundings. This is the beginning of a remarkable partnership, where every moment counts in nurturing your flourishing flock.

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