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Embarking on the Journey: From Egg to Your Coop

Understand the Seamless Process of Ordering Day-Old Poultry from Valley Hatchery

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Anticipating the Future: Projecting Egg Counts

At Valley Hatchery, our egg count projections are a result of a comprehensive approach, considering breed-specific capabilities, historical flock data, hatch rates, and changing environmental conditions. Availability can fluctuate, and our conservative estimates often result in more eggs than expected. If a hatch is progressing well, we increase available birds for sale. Opportunities to purchase may arise even if a breed seems sold out, so stay vigilant and seize these chances to enhance your flock.

Securing Your Birds: The Art of Preselling and Reserving Birds

Discover our unique approach to providing the poultry companions you desire at Valley Hatchery. Our preselling process is seamlessly tailored to your needs. Through meticulous projections, reservations are available until the afternoon of the hatch and ship date. Planning early is key, and our preselling journey begins in December, facilitating hatches and shipments from February to early October. Whether you’re interested in specific breeds or expanding your flock, our flexible reservation system empowers confident choices. Reserve your feathered friends to secure your place in line for the next exciting chapter of your poultry journey.

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From Eggs to Chirps: The Intricate Dance of Hatching and Packaging

After 21 days of incubation, our dedicated team orchestrates the hatching, sorting, sexing, and meticulous packaging of your orders. Our expert shippers then transport your future companions from our regional post office to your local one with care.

Arrival Alert: Your Feathered Friends Await at the Local Post Office

As your new chicks approach, your local post office becomes the next stop on their journey. Typically within 1-3 days after shipment, your local post office will call to notify you of their arrival, marking the start of an exciting chapter. Prompt pickup is crucial to ensure a smooth transition to their new brooder and a thriving start in their fresh surroundings. For care guidelines, consult our Poultry Care Guide.

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