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Blue Ameraucana Chicks


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Male 1 $13.95
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One of the newer breeds introduced in America, the Ameraucana has quickly become one of the most popular breeds for backyard keepers. The Blue Ameraucana has a truly prehistoric look making it stand out from many other breeds. This amazing bird has a docile, calm, and relativity friendly personality. They are great around humans and children but can become skittish around pets and other chicken breeds. This bird is also known for being on the quieter side making them excellent choices for people in urban areas. Expect eggs later with this breed, they will begin to lay around 6 months old. Each hen will lay 180 to 200 medium to large blue eggs each year. Both males and females weigh roughly the same weight, which is around 6 pounds. The hens will be slightly smaller. The Blue Ameraucana is an APA-recognized breed (varies by color variety) and is shown in the All Other Standard Breeds (AOSB) Class. These prehistoric birds will live to be 7 to 8 years on average. Valley Hatchery strives to be the best chicken hatchery online. All of our baby chicks for sale are bred with health and happiness standards, each coming with a live-arrival guarantee.

Please Note:

Blue chickens do not breed true, therefore our blue to blue matings result in around 50% blue chicks, 25% black chicks, and 25% splash chicks. We will send as many blues as possible with your order, but you should also expect some black and splash Ameraucana chicks.

(This breed tends to be more difficult to sex. It is important to note we only guarantee 80% sexing guarantee on this variety.


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