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Delaware Started Pullet


Started Pullets are 15-20 weeks old at the time of shipment. Started Pullets ship on Tuesdays & generally ship within 2 weeks of orders being placed. All Started Pullets have been vaccinated for Mareks Disease. Looking for Delaware Chicks? Click here!

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If you fancy a dual-purpose chicken that produces jumbo-size eggs, the Delaware will be the one you are after. Delaware chickens are a newer breed but have become family favorites in recent years for their docile nature and low-maintenance care. This breed is an excellent choice for beginners and those with a growing family. These chatty chickens love to free-range and explore. Each hen will produce 180 to 260 large to jumbo-size brown eggs annually. Males will weigh 8.5 pounds on average and females weighing around 6.5 pounds. Delawares are an APA-recognized breed and are shown in the American Class. The average lifespan for this breed is 5 or more years. Great for homesteads and as backyard chickens, the Delaware is a docile fun breed the whole family will enjoy.

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