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Chicken’s Bestfriend Laced – Hen Saddle


Celebrate companionship with Valley Hatchery’s Chicken’s Bestfriend Laced Hen Saddle. Playful and protective.

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Strut with Style: Chicken’s Bestfriend Laced Hen Saddle from Valley Hatchery

Honor the delightful bond between feathered and feline friends with Valley Hatchery’s Fowl Stuff™ Chicken’s Bestfriend Laced Hen Saddle! This charming saddle features a unique design with printed cats and red and white checkered lacing. As a lightweight accessory, it’s a perfect pick for summer, offering your hens not only protection but also a whimsical tribute to our beloved cats.

Why Choose Chicken’s Bestfriend Laced Hen Saddle?

– Comprehensive Protection: The Chicken’s Bestfriend Laced Hen Saddle is thoughtfully designed to provide ample coverage, safeguarding your hens during the warmer months. This helps minimize feather loss and maintain healthy feather growth, keeping your hens looking and feeling great.

– Whimsical and Affectionate Design: The playful cat prints coupled with the checkered lacing offer a fun and heartwarming aesthetic. This saddle isn’t just about protection; it’s a celebration of the unlikely yet adorable friendship between chickens and cats, adding a joyful vibe to your coop.

– Boosts Hen Confidence: Adorning your hens in such a delightful saddle can enhance their spirits. It not only protects them but also adds a touch of cheer to their appearance, encouraging them to strut around with an extra dose of charm.

– Lightweight for Summer Comfort: Specially designed for warmer weather, this saddle is lightweight, ensuring your hens stay comfortable in the heat. It’s a perfect blend of style and practicality for the summer season.

– Ideal for Warm Weather: The breathable fabric and light design make this hen saddle an excellent choice for summer, allowing your hens to enjoy the season in comfort and style, all while staying protected.

– Customer Appreciation: Hen owners who choose our saddles often share stories of how these accessories enhance their flocks’ well-being. The Chicken’s Bestfriend Laced Hen Saddle is especially beloved for its playful design and effective protection.

Order Your Chicken’s Bestfriend Laced Hen Saddle Today! Celebrate the unique camaraderie of chickens and cats with Valley Hatchery’s Chicken’s Bestfriend Laced Hen Saddle. It’s more than just a hen saddle; it’s an expression of joy and protection. Add this charming accessory to your cart and let your hens enjoy summer with a nod to their feline friends!


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