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Flower Hen – Gingham Laced Hen Saddle


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Strut with Style: Flower Hen Gingham Laced Hen Saddle by Valley Hatchery

Celebrate the essence of summer in your coop with Valley Hatchery’s Fowl Stuff™ Flower Hen Gingham Laced Hen Saddle! This enchanting saddle features light and airy white fabric, beautifully adorned with multicolored chicken prints and complemented by red and white gingham lacing. It’s a perfect choice for the summer season, offering your hens a blend of whimsical charm and vital protection.

Why Choose Flower Hen Gingham Laced Hen Saddle?

– Comprehensive Protection: The Flower Hen Gingham Laced Hen Saddle is meticulously crafted to provide ample coverage, safeguarding your hens from the usual wear and tear of mating. This helps in reducing feather loss and promotes healthy feather growth, keeping your hens both safe and splendid.

– Whimsical and Charming Design: The delightful combination of multicolored chicken prints and the classic red and white gingham lacing offers a playful and charming look. It’s not just a protective gear; it’s a fashion statement that brings a smile and a touch of whimsy to your coop.

– Boosts Hen Confidence: Dressing your hens in such a cheerful accessory can lift their spirits. Our Flower Hen Gingham Laced Hen Saddle enhances their natural beauty and demeanor, adding a spring to their step.

– Lightweight for Summer Comfort: Specially designed for warmer weather, this saddle is lightweight, ensuring your hens stay comfortable even in the heat. Despite its airy feel, it remains durable and protective.

– Ideal for Warm Weather: The breathable design and light material make this hen saddle an excellent choice for the summer, allowing your hens to enjoy the season comfortably and stylishly.

– Customer Satisfaction: Those who choose our hen saddles often share their joy in seeing happier, healthier hens. The Flower Hen Gingham Laced Hen Saddle, with its unique design, is particularly appreciated for its blend of fun style and practicality.

Order Your Flower Hen Gingham Laced Hen Saddle Today! Let your hens blossom in beauty with Valley Hatchery’s Flower Hen Gingham Laced Hen Saddle. It’s more than just a hen saddle; it’s an expression of joy, color, and care. Place your order now and let your hens enjoy summer in the most charming and comfortable way!


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