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Crested “Top Hat” Chicks Special


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Are you looking to add some flair and personality to your backyard flock? Look no further than our Crested “Top-Hat” Chick Special! With a selection of Blue, Splash, Buff, Gold Laced, Silver Laced, White Crested Black, or White Polish varieties, Silver or Gold Spitzhauben, Mottled Houdans or White Sultans, these special chicks all sport a unique and fancy “top-hat” crest on top of their heads.

But the fun doesn’t stop there – we’ll surprise you with a variety of colors and breeds in each special, so you’ll never know what delightful and ornamental breed you’ll get! Whether you’re looking to add some variety to your flock or just want to have some fun with your feathered friends, our Crested “Top-Hat” Chick Special is the perfect choice. Just keep in mind that depending on what hatches, we cannot guarantee a specific breed or variety, and we do not keep records of which breeds are included in each special. So join in on the fun and add some personality to your backyard with our Crested “Top-Hat” Chick Special!


Straight Run (Not Sexed)

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Large Fowl Chickens

Egg Production

Fair, Good

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