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Egyptian Fayoumis Chicks


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Valley Hatchery is proud to offer Egyptian Fayoumis Chicks for purchase online. These unique and hardy chickens have been raised along the Nile River in Egypt for centuries and are known for their ability to lay tinted white eggs.

Egyptian Fayoumis chickens are an active breed that mature quickly, with males trying to crow at just 5 to 6 weeks old. They have a striking appearance, with silver and white feathering on a black background, a single comb, bright red wattles, white spots in their earlobes, and slate blue skin. These chickens are also excellent foragers and are better at flying than most breeds, making them great for free-range farming. They are also noted for being predator resistant, making them ideal for running on a farm or acreage. However, they also do well in a large pen or barn and like to roost as high as they can.

Egyptian Fayoumis chickens are used for both exhibition and egg production, laying 150-180 small to medium white eggs per year. They are a small- to medium-sized breed, with roosters weighing around 4.5lbs and hens at 3lbs. Although this breed is not recognized by the American Poultry Association, it is a beloved and unique breed that is sure to add some character to your flock. They can occasionally go broody, making them good mothers for their offspring.

If you’re looking to add some unique and hardy chickens to your backyard or farm, consider purchasing Egyptian Fayoumis Chicks from Valley Hatchery. Order online today and have these amazing birds delivered to your local Post Office.


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