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Long Tail Chicks Special


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Valley Hatchery is excited to present our Long Tail Chick Special, featuring a variety of beautiful breeds with stunning long tail feathers. This special can include Red Shoulder Yokohama, White Yokohama, Silver Duckwing Yokohama, Black Breasted Red Phoenix, Silver Duckwing Phoenix, Golden Duckwing Phoenix, or White Phoenix. Please note that the specific breeds included in this special may vary based on our hatch yields, and we cannot guarantee the variety or specific breeds that will be sent. We do not record or note the breeds included in this special.

These breeds are well-known for their beautiful long tail feathers and are sure to add some flair to your flock. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to add some unique beauty to your collection with our Long Tail Chick Special from Valley Hatchery.


Straight Run (Not Sexed)

Poultry Type

Large Fowl Chickens

Egg Production

Fair, Poor

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