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White Leghorn Chicks


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Likely the most popular egg layer in the US, the White Leghorn is known for being super hardy and an amazing egg producer. These all-white birds can withstand cold temperatures making them a great option for backyard chickens in four-season areas. This flighty breed is also known for being independent and thrives on having free-range space. They do not make great pets nor are recommended for beginner chicken keepers. Producing an annual egg production of 220 to 300 extra-large white eggs, these prized layers will keep you well fed. The average weight for hens is about 4.5 pounds and for roosters, roughly 6 pounds. White Leghorn Chicks are an APA-recognized breed and are shown in the Mediterranean Class. While they have a lower average life expectancy of 5 years, you can greatly increase their lifespan with proper care and a stimulating environment. All of our chickens for sale come with a live arrival guarantee. Valley Hatchery’s mission is to provide only the healthiest, happiest chickens.

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