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Ancona Ducklings


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Valley Hatchery is pleased to offer Ancona Ducklings, a breed known for its egg-laying ability and adaptability to various environmental conditions. With an oval head and a slightly concave bill, Ancona Ducks have a distinctive appearance. Their plumage is broken-colored, with irregular patches of black on a white background, and their bill is yellow with black or dark green spots. The shanks, or legs, are orange and marked with black or brown.

Primarily used for egg production and exhibition, Ancona Ducks are a reliable choice for backyard farmers. They are docile birds that lay 150-190 large to extra-large white, cream, or blue eggs per year. Despite not being recognized by the American Poultry Association, Ancona Ducks have gained popularity due to their hardiness and ability to forage well. They are also prone to broodiness, making them a good choice for those interested in producing young without human intervention.

Overall, Ancona Ducks are a strong and adaptable breed that are well-suited for egg production and exhibition. Male Ancona Ducks typically weigh 8lbs, while females weigh around 7lbs. If you’re looking for a reliable and hardy breed for your backyard farm, consider adding Ancona Ducklings from Valley Hatchery to your flock.



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