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Rhode Island Red Started Pullet


Started Pullets are 15-20 weeks old at the time of shipment. Started Pullets ship on Tuesdays.  All Started Pullets have been vaccinated for Mareks Disease. Looking for Rhode Island Red Chicks? Click here!

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Valley Hatchery is delighted to present the Rhode Island Red Started Pullets, a breed that is not only Rhode Island’s state bird but also a treasured pure breed among poultry enthusiasts. Renowned for their beauty and popularity, these chickens are a top pick for both backyard coops and hobbyists. They stand out as a dual-purpose breed, equally adept at producing both eggs and meat, making them a versatile choice for any poultry keeper.

Rhode Island Reds are more than just productive; they are also delightful backyard companions, known for their friendly nature. Each hen boasts an impressive annual egg production of 200 to 280 large brown eggs, ensuring a plentiful supply for your household. The average weight of adult roosters is around 8.5 pounds, while hens typically weigh about 6.5 pounds. This robust breed has a healthy lifespan ranging from 5 to 8 years, which can be extended with proper care and health management.

Recognized by the American Poultry Association (APA) and featured in the American Class, our Rhode Island Reds are bred and raised to the highest health standards, surpassing many other hatcheries. This commitment to quality ensures that you receive happy, healthy chickens, backed by a live arrival guarantee. At Valley Hatchery, we pride ourselves on providing only the healthiest chickens, regardless of the breed.

Our Started Pullets, shipped at 15-20 weeks of age, come fully vaccinated against Marek’s Disease. For those who prefer to start with younger birds, we also offer Rhode Island Red chicks for sale. Choose Valley Hatchery for top-quality Rhode Island Red Started Pullets, the perfect addition to your backyard flock.

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