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Splash Standard Old English Chicks


Discover the best chicks for sale with Valley Hatchery’s Splash Standard Old English Chicks. Their distinct spotted beauty makes them a rare, ornamental delight.

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Valley Hatchery proudly presents the Splash Standard Old English Chicks, a visually striking breed that captures the eye with its unique white and black spotted plumage. These chickens are a natural marvel, setting themselves apart with their distinctive and playful pattern that evokes a sense of whimsy and charm in any setting.

These birds have a rich heritage, tracing back to ancient Rome, where they were initially bred for cockfighting. After the banning of the sport in 1849, their prominence shifted to poultry shows, where they’re admired for their unique characteristics and beauty rather than their combat skills. While the splash color variation is not yet recognized by the American Poultry Association, it doesn’t lessen their appeal to chicken enthusiasts and collectors.

The Splash Old English are not just about their stunning looks; they’re known for their robustness and longevity, living up to 15 years. Though not celebrated for egg production, the hens are reliable for laying about 120 white eggs per year and are noted for being attentive, if somewhat protective, mothers. These chickens are as practical as they are ornamental, valued for their good muscle meat distribution, making them suitable table birds.

Adaptable and resilient, Splash Standard Old English Chicks thrive in various environments, from the cozy confines of a coop to the expansive freedom of free-range life. They exhibit a strong, flighty nature, often vocal, and capable of considerable flight, making them skilled at evading predators. These birds are tough and can withstand a wide range of temperatures, but it’s wise to remember their territorial inclinations, especially among males.

Valley Hatchery is proud to offer these magnificent birds, which bring not only a splash of color but also a piece of history to your backyard. Whether you’re a poultry show aficionado or someone who appreciates the beauty and resilience of chickens, our Splash Standard Old English Chicks are sure to captivate and charm. Plus, for those who favor smaller breeds, we also offer Old English Chickens in bantam varieties.


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Large Fowl Chickens

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