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Quick Tips: Keeping Chickens Warm and Healthy in the Winter

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6 Quick Tips for Keeping Chickens Warm and Healthy in the Winter

Winter can be a challenging time for chicken owners, not being prepared for cold weather can pose a number of risks to your flock. It’s important to properly care for your chickens during this time to ensure their health and well-being. Here are some tips for winterizing your chicken coop and caring for your chickens during the colder months:


  1. Insulate your chicken coop: Chickens are sensitive to drafts especially in extreme temperatures, so it’s important to insulate your coop to keep them warm and cozy. You can use foam board insulation, plastic, or even old blankets to help keep the heat in and cold air out. Make sure to close up any gaps or openings in the coop.
  2. Provide plenty of dry bedding and straw: Chickens need a dry place to live, so make sure to provide plenty of straw or other bedding material in the coop. This will help keep your chickens dry, warm and comfortable.
  3. Keep up with fresh water and food: It’s especially important to make sure your chickens have access to fresh water and food during the winter, the cold weather can make it difficult for them to stay hydrated and nourished. Make sure to check and refill water containers regularly.
  4. Avoid using heat lamps in the coop: While it may seem like a good idea to use heat lamps to keep your matured chickens warm, it’s actually not recommended. Heat lamps can be dangerous, as they can start fires if they come into contact with flammable materials. Plus, matured chickens are quite good at regulating their own body temperature, and they can keep themselves warm with their own feathers in a properly insulated coop. It’s also important to note if your chickens become accustomed to the warmth of a heat lamp, they may have a harder time regulating their own body temperature once they no longer have access to the heat lamp. This can be especially dangerous in the case of a power outage when the heat lamp may no longer be available to provide warmth.
  5. Choose Cold-Hardy breeds: If you live in an area with harsh winters, consider choosing cold hardy breeds of chickens when shopping for day-old poultry. At Valley Hatchery, we offer a variety of cold hardy breeds that are well-suited to withstand the cold weather. Simply use our filters for hardiness when shopping on our website.
  6. Collect eggs often: When it’s cold outside, it’s important to collect eggs from the coop often to prevent them from freezing. Make sure to check your coop regularly and collect any eggs you find.

By following these tips, you can help keep your chickens healthy and comfortable during the winter months. Remember, a well-cared for flock is a happy flock, and with a little extra effort, you can ensure that your chickens thrive all year round.



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